Task 11
Task 11
SHC Task 11

Passive and Hybrid Solar Commercial Buildings

Project (Task) Description

Task 11 assessed the potential of passive solar concepts in non-residential buildings through a variety of activities. Existing buildings which incorporate innovative passive solar systems were documented as case studies. Monitoring methods were surveyed and the performance of a limited number of buildings was monitored in detail.

In addition, computer simulation capabilities for analyzing passive solar commercial buildings were enhanced and tested to provide the means to complement data from monitored buildings and carry out parametric sensitivity studies for design guidance.

Participants also compiled an extensive sourcebook of examples and design ideas based on the case study survey, the monitoring, and the simulation activities. Sections on building typology, space heating, daylighting, cooling and atria are included. Work on a pilot expert system, ISOLDE, began under this task and is being completed under an ad hoc working group.